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Twelve years shooting actor headshots, conveying individual brands

ACP digital professional style guide to help you know what to wear

Editorial and powerful images that reflect your personality and professionalism

Professional hair and makeup (women) that boosts your confidence

Consistent high-end images every time

1. A high-quality professional headshot is an investment in your personal brand.

2. A strong professional headshot positively influences clients, investors and collaborators that don't know you personally, so they are inclined  to agree to a first meeting.

3. A great headshot conveys your individual brand and gives people an idea of your personality before they meet you.

4. It reminds business contacts who you are and keeps you on their radar.

5. It makes you feel good to look your best. Having a quality image of yourself to share with your professional peers boosts your self confidence, and it can even inspire you to share more of yourself with others.



5 Reasons you need great

The OUI Agency  |  Atlanta & Los Angeles

Margo Gabriel

"As a model and talent agent for over 30 years, I have worked with some of the top photographers in the business across the country. I have always found that the best of those always blend seamlessly the creative process, the objective or vision of the agent or art buyer and the ability to make the talent feel at ease. I keep a very small list of top photographers that I KNOW will produce beautiful images with a creative flair to recommend to my clients . Alise produces beautiful and marketable images and I highly recommend her."

Real People Models & Talent | Atlanta

Jimmy Meisenzahl

"Alise has been a preferred photographer with our agency for years. I consistently receive rave testimonials from the talent that I refer to Alise. Her work is marketable and consistent and I know that my talent will receive exactly what is needed for representation. Her work has an artistic flair that is unique to her style and she captures the essence of each individual she shoots."

The ACTOR HEADSHOT is definitely it's own kinda thing! This is a subject I love to educate my actor clients on, because it is their single most important tool in "the business." It is very specific, it has a job, it determines whether you get in the audition door, and it has to convey your brand. There are also things your headshot is not, or should not be anyhow - such as a beauty shot, or out of date. Most importantly, your actor headshot must represent you accurately, so when you walk into the audition, the casting directors are getting exactly what they expected.

Before we meet for your headshot session, you will receive a digital makeup and style guide , posing guide, and tips to help you prepare. I will coach you and help you deliver the most authentic you possible!

Finally, my professional service does not end with the session. I have shot and viewed thousands of headshots over the years. Many talent agents and casting directors gave me feedback for hundreds of headshots. All together, these things have given me a pretty solid understanding of what agents are looking for and how to incorporate those things into a marketable headshot image. I use all the above to select the very best images from your session, which I edit fully and provide to you digitally in high resolution and watermark free.

As in all things, education and preparation are keys to achieving the best results, and your actor headshot is no different. I look forward to the entire process and experience and can't wait to help you develop your most important tool in the business! 



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Joe C.

"As former Chief Editor of a lifestyle magazine, I have worked with many photographers, and I can say Alise is a gifted technician with lighting and equipment, but her role as Producer & Director is perhaps her greatest professional gift. She can bring it all together in a way that always makes the client thrilled with the final product. It is an intimate thing to have your picture taken. You can trust Alise to capture your best angle and light."


"Working with Alise was such a positive and exhilarating experience. She was very thorough pre-session by providing a style guide and info to help me prepare. During the shoot she helped me relax and be at ease, and she made it fun. The images were exactly on point for what I needed, wanted and expected. In fact, they exceeded my expectations. The photos are a work of art and testimony to her creativeness. I will always be grateful for the experience."

Doug & Katie

"Alise is wonderful. Both Doug and I hate getting our pictures taken, and Alise makes it fun and easy.

Beautiful photography. Very creative and personable. Highly recommended."


"I had the best time with you Alise... Nothing felt too stuffy, I didn't feel rushed and I just felt relaxed. You are truly talented at capturing a persons essence. I truly believe you can bring sunshine out of a rock! My electronic business card is amazing! I love your work!!!"

Joe S.

"Alise was awesome! My professional and marketing images have received many compliments- and they reflect my personal brand. Partnering with Alise has created the results I wanted. How do I know? Because many people have specifically pointed out how much they like the images on my site and marketing materials. This is the ultimate endorsement and validation."

Sherry L.

"Alise, you're an amazing photographer. You helped me achieve the looks I was thinking of in order to reach my dreams. You bring out the best in everyone.

You're a rockstar, Alise!"

Dr. Nick S.

"WOW! I so appreciate the amazing work you did with my headshot. Not only were you extremely professional and efficient, but you made me feel completely comfortable so you could bring out the best in me.

Posing for the camera can be a very unnatural process... But you made it easy! Finally, headshots I can be proud to use! Thank you so much!




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